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Promoting Medical Tourism

International Medical Facilities

Quality & Standards

Patient Surveys

Cultural Competency


Medical Tourism is a niche market sector of the international healthcare community. The Medical Tourism Center at is designed to serve as a forum for providers of international medical services from around the world to introduce their services and interact with consultants, general practitioners, medical facilities, medical insurance companies, and related healthcare organizations in Arab countries.

Medical Tourism at will address some of the following topics: 

International Patient Referrals/Treatment Abroad

Surgical Treatment

Dental Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery

Common/Routing Procedures 

Facilities/Reviews: Quality of Care, Clinical Standards, Secondary Infection Rates, Ability of Medical Staff to Speak Arabic, etc..

Accreditation: Accreditation Canada International, JCI, Trent, DNV, etc.

Consumer/Patient Survey Result

Global Cost Comparisons

Cultural Competency/Medical Staff Training: Doing Business in Russia, Managing Foreign Exchange (FX) Risk in Medical Tourism

Medical Insurance

Medical Malpractice & Liability

Medical Evacuation/Air-Ambulance Services

Promoting Medical Tourism

Market Segmentation: Self-Pay, Contract, Insurance Businesses

National Sectoral Planning & Development (Public/Private Partnerships)

Risk Management/Global Health Politics - Arab Patients Program for Hospitals (Cultural Competency, SOPs, Checklists, Pilot Programs, Hospital Marketing and Awareness Campaigns, Staff Training & Development, etc.)

..... and much more! 

If you would like to participate in the Medical Tourism Center at, please contact: for more information.






Last Updated: 23/FEB/18







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