Top 25 Hospitals in the Arab World




Top 25 Hospitals in the Arab World
Annual Survey

Research Highlights

The purpose of the Top 25 Hospitals in the Arab World study is to provide a forum that can serve as an analysis to identify benchmark hospitals.  The Top 25 Hospitals will highlight those who set the benchmarks -- and maintained significantly higher profitability than their peers, incorporated the latest technology, and treated more difficult cases, resulting in better overall outcomes. The study will attempt to illustrate that if all Arab acute hospitals were to perform at the level of the 25 top hospitals, expenses would decline resulting in lower health care cost, the creation of unified medical protocols would emerge within the region, and an overall improvement in the quality and delivery of care would be more widely available to the citizens of the Arab World.

The study will also analyzes the characteristics of Arab hospitals incorporating a methodology that will measure the quality of care, efficiency of operations and sustainability of overall performance.  The study will review hospitals in the following categories:


Specialty (Diabetes, Vision, Neurology, etc.)

Large Community (251+ beds)

Medium Community (100 to 250 beds)

Small Community (25 to 99 Beds)

Some of the measures that will be used in the evaluation process to determine performance include:  risk-adjusted mortality index, risk-adjusted complications index, severity-adjusted length of stay, expense per adjusted discharge, profitability, proportion of outpatient revenue, productivity (total asset turnover ratio), use of technology, number and type of specialties served, international affiliations & accreditations, and reputation in the market.

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