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Saturday, 9 December 2017 | Product News | Staff Reporter



bellavista mr for safe ventilation in the MRI environment

Visual diagnostics have been revolutionized by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, some precautions must be observed when performing an MRI scan. This concerns not only patients but also medical devices. With the bellavista mr, imtmedical now also enables unrestricted ventilation in the MRI environment.

(Buchs, Switzerland) -
The very strong magnetic fields of MRI scanners make it possible to map the structure of tissue and organs in the human body. So doctors can now make diagnoses that were not possible with a simple X-ray machine. However, the strength of the magnetic fields also poses challenges: magnetic metal parts must not be placed too close to the MRI machine, as they will be attracted by the magnet and can result in serious injuries to patients or damage to the scanner itself.

Effects on medical devices

It can also be very difficult to use medical devices near an MRI machine. Many medical devices have magnetic components that are attracted by the MRI or cannot provide fully reliable performance because of the magnetic fields. This can result in difficult situations in particular for ventilated patients who are especially vulnerable because of their dependence on a ventilator. "On the one hand, it is extremely important to continue the ventilation strategy; on the other hand, complications must be prevented if the ventilator is placed too close to an MRI scanner", explains Harri Friberg, CEO of imtmedical ag.

Safe ventilation during MRI scans

The latest ventilator from imtmedical has been specially developed for such situations. With the bellavista mr, it is now possible to continue the ventilation process in the MRI environment without any restrictions. This is thanks to the use of materials that are not magnetic or only slightly magnetic as well as two further precautions: a trolley with integrated braking function and the MR-Guard that triggers an alarm as soon as the ventilator goes below the necessary minimum distance from the MRI scanner. Furthermore, a powerful battery ensures that patients can be transported within the hospital with no problem over a period of four hours. So, not only can the bellavista mr be used on every hospital ward, but it can also be safely moved between individual wards.

Company profile

imtmedical has been developing high-performance medical ventilators and measuring devices ever since it was established in 1999. Combining leading technology with affordable pricing is one of our credos. Our mission as we see it is to manufacture the best ventilators and measuring devices in the world. They all stand for maximum precision, reliability and user-friendliness and are impressive on account of customization options and maximum performance, even in challenging situations. The development, documentation and manufacture of the products from imtmedical are based on the standards for worldwide approvals such as CE marking and FDA approval.




With our latest ventilator, the bellavista mr, you can now ventilate your patients in the MRI environment without any restrictions.


The bellavista mr has various safeguards for use in the immediate vicinity of an MRI scanner. Among other things, these include an MR-Guard that triggers visual and audio alarms as soon as the ventilator goes below the necessary minimum distance from the MRI, and a trolley with integrated braking function.



imtmedical ag
Gewerbestrasse 8
9470 Buchs (SG), Switzerland
Phone +41 81 750 66 99



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