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Wednesday, 22 November 2017 | | Staff Reporter


Chris Free, General Manager of Uber UAE (left) and Taher Shams, Managing Director of
Zulekha Hospital (right)

  Zulekha Hospital and Uber collaborate to encourage healthy hearts

(Dubai) -
Zulekha Hospital has taken the step to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of drivers using the Uber app by offering them free cardiac health tests anytime in the Dubai and Sharjah Zulekha Hospitals. Zulekha Healthcare Group and Uber have joined hands in this noble endeavor with the aim of protecting the lives of these individuals who facilitate the convenient mobility of thousands of commuters every day.

The check-ups will serve to monitor any evidence of existing heart diseases and identify the main risk factors, while specialists will offer practical advice about the positive lifestyle changes drivers can make. The drivers will undergo a set of tests including an electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiogram or stress test (treadmill test) followed by a consultation with the specialists.

Heart disease is often mistaken for the normal signs of gastric, aging and physical strain that is assumed to be relieved by a pain killer, and sometimes there may be no noticeable symptoms at all. Zulekha Hospital recognizes the health risks associated with the stress the drivers undergo while on the road for over 10 hours. Through these health checks, Zulekha Hospital is helping Uber drivers to become aware of the risks associated with a potential cardiac condition and enable them to take the steps to mitigating or reversing them before a fatality occurs.

Zulekha Hospital Managing Director, Taher Shams says,
"Among our many community initiatives we felt the strong urge to provide these basic healthcare facilities to drivers using the Uber app who are a big team of hardworking individuals. They serve the public throughout the day and night and deserve to be taken care of. It is our duty to ensure that we make affordable medical services accessible to our fellow citizens."

Chris Free, General Manager of Uber UAE added,
"We are grateful to Zulekha Hospital for extending their arm of support to drivers using the app, the majority of whom are far away from their families and often work long hours. Through this generous initiative they can actively look after their health and improve the quality of their lives."

The initiative compliments the UAE
's objectives of giving back to the community in the Year of Giving 2017.

Zulekha Healthcare group is a UAE based healthcare group that includes two multidisciplinary hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah, as well as four UAE medical centres and three pharmacies providing specialized treatments in over 25 disciplines. The Group is also opening a multidisciplinary Hospital in India.








17th Emirates Society of Ophthalmology Conference 2017 | 14-16 December 2017 | Dubai, UAE


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