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Thursday, 20 August 2020 | COVID-19 News | Staff Reporter


Courtesy of SEHA


UAE citizen takes part in Phase III COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials

(Abu Dhabi, UAE) - His passion, patriotism, and loyalty to his country encouraged Ahmed Mohamed Al Shaibani, a Senior Call Centre Officer at Al Ain Hospital (part of SEHA), to participate in the extremely important Phase III trial of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine. To serve the country and its people, he was quick to respond to the nation’s call to volunteer for the trials.

To deliver on the vision of the UAE’s leadership and its commitment to combatting the global epidemic, SEHA is currently carrying out Phase III of new clinical trials of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine, under the supervision of Health of Department - Abu Dhabi, G42 healthcare company, a subsidiary of the G42 Group.

Ahmed has always been an active volunteer for any project that serves the community and once he learned about the ongoing clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine, he was one of the first ones to contribute to the initiative, which not only is going to benefit the UAE but the whole humanity.

On his participation, Mr. Al Shaibani expressed his happiness in being able to contribute to community service and overcoming a new challenge, despite his disability.

He also requested all People of Determination to get involved and play an integral role in the country’s progress. He also encouraged all community members to participate in the clinical trials, as each and everyone’s involvement matters to find the most effective COVID-19.

“Involvement of all society members in such clinical trials is a national duty,” Ahmed stressed. “The UAE community of citizen and residents never fails to respond to the appeal of the nation; I still remember when everyone chanted the national anthem of the UAE during the National Sterilization Program, to express their commitment and responsibility towards the nation,” he said.

Ahmed Al Shaibani has been working in Al Ain Hospital for nearly 20 years. He is dedicated to his work. Although as a Person of Determination, Ahmed has been exempted by law from coming to workplace due to COVID -19 restrictions, he attends office every day and strictly adheres to the precautionary and preventive measures put in place by the organization. As an active volunteer, Mr. Al Shaibani always requests his department to nominate him in any volunteering activity, especially any activity related to COVID -19. In aidditon, Mr. Al Shaibani is an active athlete, playing in Emirates National Team at Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club.

The Phase III clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine, listed under the umbrella of the World Health Organization (WHO, produced by (Cinopharm CNBG) is a result of the international cooperation efforts initiated by Abu Dhabi government in line with the UAE government and health care authorities commitment to find cure for the most significant challenge that humankind has ever witnessed in the twenty-first century.







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