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Tuesday, 17 January 2023 |  Hospital News  | Staff Reporter


The London Clinic joins Kuwait Medica to advance diabetic foot treatment in the Middle East


The London Clinic joins Kuwait Medica to advance diabetic foot treatment in the Middle East

(London, UK) - London Clinic is exhibiting at Kuwait Medica for the first time (18-19 January 2023).

Dr Nima Heidari, Orthopaedic Surgeon and the lead for The London Clinic’s diabetic foot service, will be at the exhibition and participating in “The Masterclass in the Treatment and Management of Diabetic Foot”.

Dr Nima Heidari will be joined by fellow experts from Mubarak Hospital, Dasman Diabetes Institute and Mazaya Clinic. The collaboration aims to support both patients and clinicians to understand the signs and symptoms of diabetic foot pathologies, and know what treatment options are available.

The London Clinic’s comprehensive diabetic foot service brings together a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of experts to support patients from the UK and overseas, including with the most complex diabetic foot cases.

The team of world-class orthopaedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, physicians, radiologists, physiotherapists and nurses is equipped with advanced resources and cutting-edge technology. This ensures patients can benefit from the best possible expertise for their treatment and rehabilitation, from the centre of London’s premium medical district, Harley Street.

Additionally, The London Clinic’s International team, which includes Arabic translation experts, is on hand to support international patients and their families with their unique needs, throughout the entire patient journey.

“Our diabetic foot service is about not just prolonging life but prolonging the quality of life,” said Dr Nima Heidari. “We have brought together an entire unit of specialists under one roof who can support international patients with very complex needs.

“Through our combined expertise, we are ideally placed for preventative treatment – we can identify and resolve issues before it gets to the point of amputation. I am proud to say the vast majority of our cases are preventative, though even for patients who come to us with advanced diabetic foot, The London Clinic is best-placed to help them.”

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impacts 537 million people worldwide. Complications linked to the disease can lead to “diabetic foot” – ulcers that do not heal, infection, deformity, pain and difficulty walking – which may require surgical removal (amputation) of the entire foot or part of the leg.

With Kuwait being among the countries where diabetes is most prevalent, The London Clinic’s aim is to provide holistic care for patients designed to preserve their feet, improve their quality of life, and increase their life longevity.

Ahmed Al Khamis, from Kuwait, has been in The London Clinic’s care since 18 June 2022. He said: “I came to The London Clinic in June 2022 as I was diagnosed with Charcot’s foot, which came as a result of my long-term diabetes. Dr Nima Heidari needed to perform complex surgery followed by rehabilitation and attention from a diabetologist and renal physicians. If It wasn’t for the wonderful team at The London Clinic, my foot would have been amputated.

“I am very happy and satisfied at The London Clinic, I felt welcomed and I appreciate all the great work done by Dr Nima Heidari and the attention of the world-class team here. As an international patient, I feel very much at home here.”

Dr Nima Heidari adds: “I am looking forward to connecting with colleagues in Kuwait Medica to show how we can support patients from Kuwait and the Middle East.”






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