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Thursday, 3 June 2021 | Special Interview | Digital Health Series
By Mahatma Davis, Editor-in-Chief


Dr. Sina Habibi


Interview | Dr. Sina Habibi, CEO of Cognetivity Neurosciences

(Dubai, UAE) -- In an interview with, Dr. Sina Habibi, CEO of London-based Cognetivity Neurosciences, discusses how his company is using AI technology to detect dementia and other mental health impairments. We recently caught up with him during his extended stay in Dubai to discuss his plans for the UAE and the worldwide benefits for adoption and use of his company's AI platform. What is Cognetivity?

Dr. Sina Habibi: Cognetivity Neurosciences was established in 2013 and is a medical technology company developing an AI platform for early detection of cognitive impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

Cognetivity has created a cognitive testing platform for use in medical, commercial, and consumer (home) environments. Cognetivity’s Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) tool uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to help detect the earliest signs of impairment by testing how the brain reacts to certain types of images to pinpoint diagnosis of dementia.

The company's patented rapid cognitive analysis technology aims to make early detection a reality and to bring the benefits of being: easier to administer, more accessible, less expensive, and allowing for earlier and more accurate diagnosis of cognitive diseases.

Our technology is '5-10 times faster and cheaper than existing solutions' in the market for addressing these cognitive diseases.

This five-minute Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) tool looks for the earliest signs of impairment, before the onset of traditionally measurable symptoms can be identified thus enabling earlier intervention and treatment of patients and their symptoms. What are Cognetivity's global ambitions and expansion plans?

Dr. Sina Habibi: Cognetivity has achieved regulatory approval for clinical use in the UK and Europe with future clinical approval anticipated in United States and elsewhere in the world to include the UAE and Asia for scaling-up the business globally.

In January 2020, the ICA received regulatory approval by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and is now in use in select mental health Trusts within the UK's NHS (National Health Service). This regulatory approval elevated the ICA as a CE-marked medical device, officially certifying it for medical use, and enabling it to be sold for clinical deployment across the UK and Europe.

The ICA as a CE mark, demonstrates conformity with European Union (EU) medical device safety and performance requirements. It permits the ICA to be sold as a medical product in the UK and throughout the European Economic Area (EEA). As such, it represents a major milestone in the company’s development and paves the way for its plans to obtain regulatory approval in other regions of the world such as North America and Asia.

Cognetivity is also now exploring the UAE as a priority market for its entry into the GCC & Middle East region. There are some regulatory variants between Abu Dhabi and Dubai emirates, says Dr. Sina Habibi. However, these challenges can be overcome as the company views them as part of the overall clinical trials and regulatory environment required for registration and commercialization of medical device products in various countries around the world. What has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Dr. Sina Habibi: The global pandemic has massively challenged healthcare systems worldwide. It has also accelerated greater awareness, demand, and acceptance of effective digital health tools that can allow doctors to better help and care for their patients remotely. Furthermore, the pandemic has amplified a range of mental health issues caused by lack of social interaction among us humans, thereby, increasing the need for innovative diagnostic tools and solutions that can offer early detection of cognitive diseases and other mental illnesses.

As with cognitive diseases, the battle against Alzheimer's and dementia will remain an ongoing challenge for decades to come, but we are getting closer to a time when the progress of this disease can be stopped or even reversed, and accurate early detection is key to that goal. We believe that our technology has an integral part to play in this endeavor, and that we are ideally poised to make significant progress for the future by helping improve the prospects for millions of sufferers worldwide.

Cognetivity's AI platform can be delivered on a variety of devices to include iPads, Android smartphones, and web browsers.


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