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Friday, 27 October 2017 | | Staff Reporter





Garware Bestretch "Stretching to serve the medical industry's needs"

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Protection of patients from infections or contaminations is a highlight point for medical and healthcare facilities from small clinics and doctor’s offices to urgent care centres and large hospitals with elaborate emergency rooms and trauma centres. Garware Bestretch provides tailor made solutions like tourniquets, esmarch bandages, hospital rubber sheets, exercise bands and more through its medical brand BioStretch to suit the medical industry's specific needs of high quality, uncompromising safety and comfort during usage.

Tourniquets are wrapped / tightened around a patient’s arm to make the veins more visible during blood collection, administration of injections and to control blood flow during some operations. A number of medical facilities use reusable tourniquets for the above-described medical activities; the problem that arises from using tourniquets on multiple patients is the risk of spreading infections or contaminations. To create an infection and safe medical environment BioStretch disposable latex – free tourniquets / single use tourniquets are recommended for use in all medical and healthcare facilities.

BioStretch Esmarch Bandages are soft and very comfortable to use, hence preferred by medical professionals for their patients. These are latex as well as latex-free, which are available as smooth or textured and talc or silicone treated. A popular feature of these bandages is that they can be sterilized using either Gamma or ETO.

Garware Bestretch
's hospital rubber sheets used for protection mattress are waterproof, phenol / alcohol resistant and suitable for steam sterilization. The rubber sheet is waterproof, phenol-resistant, alcohol - resistant, suitable for steam sterilization. It can be washed with mild detergent with lukewarm water.

Resistance bands also known as exercise bands, mostly used for exercises that target specific muscles and muscle groups. Garware Bestretch
's have developed latex free resistance bands with a textured surface, for better gripping.  The Resistance Bands are available in "incremental resistance" and are color-coded. These bands are available in latex or latex-free varieties.

BioStretch range also covers poly isoprene (latex-free) sheets used as inserts in drape sheets, and
elastic rubber tapes
for medical disposable apparels like ear loops and diaphragm for facemasks, shoe covers, bouffant caps and disposable clothing.

For more information about Garware Bestretch contact:

Mr. Vishal Nathwani
Assistant Manager -Export Sales & Marketing
+91 77 9898 1146
Garware Bestretch Limited
Head Office: Supreme Headquarters, 9th Floor, Survey No. 36,
Baner, Pune Bangalore Highway, Pune – 411045, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: +91 20 6633 5673 | Fax: +91 20 6633 5601


Garware Biostretch Medical Products









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12-14 November 2017
United Arab Emirates



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