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The University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska  Health System (UNMC/NHS) has achieved international prominence through our world-renowned cancer care pioneers and specialists. We have become one of the busiest transplant centers in the world and have established ourselves as a leading international cancer care, transplantation and orthopedic centers in the world.  We have treated thousands of transplant patients from the U.S. and all over the world.

UNMC's research led to the first peripheral stem cell transplant program in the United States in 1983 and set the standard for transplant treatment used throughout the world.  UNMC/NHS has performed over 7,800 bone marrow, peripheral stem and solid organ transplants since the beginning of its transplant program.  We are very fortunate to have on our staff, internationally renowned specialist like Dr. James Armitage, Dr. Anne Kessinger, Dr. Julie Vose, Dr. Michael Sorrell, Dr. Byers Shaw, Dr. Rodney Taylor, Dr. Alan Langnas, Dr. Ira Fox, Dr. Debra Sudan, Dr. James Neff, Dr. Kevin Garvin, Dr. James Canedy, Dr. Kenneth Cowan, Dr. Samual Cohen, Dr. John Windle, Dr. Charles Enke, Dr. Mark Rupp, Dr. Edward Dominquez.  Our state-of-art technology and dedicated nursing and support staff are second to none.  We are well recognized for providing excellent personalized services for international patients and their families.

Our Lied Transplant Center has become a world model for its outstanding contributions in the advancement of peripheral stem cell, bone marrow, living-related liver and kidney, liver, liver-small bower, intestinal, kidney, kidney-pancreas, pancreas, and heart transplantation; treatment of lymphoma and other cancerous diseases, including prostrate cancer, as well as advanced treatment of orthopedics.  We will generally customize our programs to suit our partner's local health care market and may include educational and research exchange.

Dynamic International Programs.

Through the Office of International Services (OIHS), UNMC/NHS is offering dynamic partnership programs to help international medical institutions and physicians in the Arab World benefit from our leadership and expertise in creating transplant training programs that offer assistance in: 

  • No cost transplant training for your physicians, oncologists, specialists and nurses, both at your center and at our facilities.
  • Establishing or enhancing your own transplant programs.
  • Supporting year-round, on-going, no cost transplant training programs.
  • No-cost training in the latest administrative and transplant management systems.
  • Participation in our world-renowned transplantation technology.
  • State-of-the-art electronic referral, consultation and diagnostic services.
  • Establishing tele-consultation and referral programs.
  • Establishing and enhancing tele-health and tele-education programs.
  • Providing personalized care for your patients and our facilities.
  • Collaborative education and research programs.
  • Joint-collaboration to launch UNMC/NHS's international satellite cancer centers.
  • Conducting clinical studies.
  • Establishing non-profit transplantation foundations.

For complete information contact:
The Office of International Healthcare Services Nebraska Health System -
University of Nebraska Medical Center Kiewit Tower, Third Floor
987430 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-7430 USA 
Tel: 402-559-3090, Fax: 402-552-2410
E-mail -
Contact: Nizar Mamdani, Executive Director - Tel: 402-559-3656

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