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Customized Training Programs

Phase I.  No-Cost Training at our Facilities

During the first phase of our partnership program, we offer to perform bone marrow, stem cell, living related liver or kidney transplants on two of your patients at our facilities in Omaha.  Your oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists and nurses can observe our specialists perform each one of these procedures and receive training in our overall transplant programs.  The goal of this training is to help you prepare your specialists and nurses to launch the best transplant programs at your institution, or to enhance your existing programs.  During both transplants in Omaha, we will provide at no cost to your institution, training to your oncologists, specialists and nurses.  We will even pay for their lodging, local transplantation and meals at our hospital dining facilities.  Your institution will only bear the expenses for your patients' transplant procedure, hospitalization, transportation, other expenses and transplantation expenses to Omaha.

Phase II.  No-Cost Training at your Center

When our partner institution is ready to perform a transplant procedure at its own facility, we will send one of our oncologists and a transplant nurse to assist with the transplant for a two-week period.  This will provide the opportunity for our specialists to train a large number of our partner's medical staff at the same time.  Again, as in Phase I, UNMC/NHS will provide this service at no cost to your institution.  We will pay for expenses for our specialist's time during these training programs at your institution, while you will only be requested to cover travel, accommodations, meals, local transportation and other incidental expenses for our visiting oncologists, nurses and other specialists.

Phase III.  No-Cost Management and Administrative Training

Your transplant administrative staff can benefit from the expansive experience and expertise of our transplant administrative and management teams through no-cost training programs conducted at our facilities.  Again, as in Phase I, we will pay for the training expenses, lodging, local transportation and meals at our hospital dining facilities, while your institution will only have to bear the expenses for your staff's transportation to Omaha.

Phase IV.  No-Cost Ongoing Training Program
United States Programs:

UNMC/NHS will offer to selected members of your transplant staff (physicians, nurses, medical technicians, etc.) and administrators the opportunity to train in many facets of transplant programs and transplantation administrative operations in as short a period of one week or up to a maximum of three months.  They will be able to observe selected transplant and administrative programs within our institution.  UNMC/NHS is a fully accredited, highly respected academic health science center made up of the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry; an Office of Graduate Studies; and the School of Allied Health Professions.  We are thus able to offer not only transplant training programs, but also flexibility in creating transplant programs tailored to your healthcare market.  During such training programs, the members of your team can also take advantage of our extensive medical library, research material and vast on-line capabilities.

Training at our Partner's Facilities:

We will provide pre-approved specialized training programs at our partner's facilities.  Such programs can provide efficient, cost-effective venues for training large numbers of your medical staff.

Year-round Programs:

We will establish mutually convenient schedules for ongoing training and exchange programs, whereby you may send up to three teams a year to our facilities.  We, in turn, can send our specialists or nurses once a year, on the same basis as stated in our Phase II program.  Such programs will provide integrity and continuity to our overall transplant training and educational programs.  We can become an important and integral part of each other's systems, and enhance our long-term partnership platform.

The above training programs will be offered at no-cost to our partners, and on the same basis as outlined in Phases I, II an III.

Important:  Completion of Phase I is a pre-requisite for Phase II, III, and IV programs.

For complete information contact:
The Office of International Healthcare Services Nebraska Health System -
University of Nebraska Medical Center Kiewit Tower, Third Floor
987430 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-7430 USA 
Tel: 402-559-3090, Fax: 402-552-2410
E-mail -
Contact: Nizar Mamdani, Executive Director - Tel: 402-559-3656

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