Hemo Suc (TM)


Hemo Suc (TM) is a closed system for post operative wound drainage, recommended for a wide variety of surgical procedures. The Hemo Suc (TM) improves the post surgery drainage, by a soft negative pressure produced by a bellow specially designed and connected to a wound tube or catheter, with holes, which is placed inside the surgical site to evacuate the normal fluids produced after surgery and in this way accelerate the process of healing, reducing the days of stay at the hospital in practically any minor, major or plastic surgery.. 

External Drainage System for Neurosurgical Use

CSF 600 (TM)

CSF 600 (TM) is a disposable systems designed for the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid from the brain ventricles to a calibrated collection bag, graduated to provide an approximate volume measurement of the fluid collected.





Drainage Bags


Closed Circuit Drainage Systems Enema Bags and Bags for Peritoneal Dialysis.

Disposable Portable Closed Neurosurgical Suction Unit


Neuro Suc (TM) is a disposable closed suction unit to be used in neurosurgical procedures, that includes a special valve, of unique design, for emptying the unit and for the reactivation of its suction capacity without disconnecting or opening the system.








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