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Professional DVD Video Version
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These Videos are brought to you by your dentist in partnership with Dental Education Corporation.


Personal Version for Family

You and your family deserve the bet dental health possible.  You can be taught by the professionals without spending a lot of money.

The HOME version of Dental Patient Education, gives you all of the information you need to care for and maintain a healthy mouth.  You can know from a quick reference DVD, information on dental needs for your baby to your Grandparents.

This DVD is easy to understand, professionally done, and very cost effective for your family.  You can even talk with your dentist about the things you learn and make better decisions about your dental health.  Make this DVD apart of your reference library and feel safe about your smile.  They are each 3-5 minutes in length.  Topics include: 

1. The Baby Bottle and your infantís first teeth
2.  Childrenís teeth from age 1-5
3.  Childrenís teeth from age 6-18
4.  Mouth Guards for sports-active youngsters
5.  Oral Hygiene for adults
6.  Sealants: great insurance for kidís teeth
7.  Veneering improves smiles for adults
8.  Bonding
9. Tooth Whitening
10. Enamel Reshaping
11. Root Canals
12. Wisdom Teeth
13. Crowns
14. Bridges

Professional Version for Dentists
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