The Patient Treatment education video series on DVD
    Educates your patients... Increases your acceptance rate...
Soft sells your cosmetic services...


Professional Version for Dentists

"Dental Education" is the emphasis for a new release of the Arabic-English DVD Videos for Dentists and Consumers.  This new production discusses all of the important principles of good Dental Health.  Through detailed video descriptions, a complete list of subjects are discussed to help even the children understand the necessary dental concepts for good health.

Marketing Opportunities for Dental Suppliers and Companies:

Use as an independent product for sale to the dentists, clinic or Government organization.

Use as a consumer sale product.

Purchase the rights and market how and where you want.

Sponsor the product sale with your logo on the cover and video introduction.

Sign up as a distributor of the product.

We are excited about the potential for this product in the professional and consumer markets.

Personal Version for Family
Dental Education Corporation


Now Available!
Professional DVD Video Version
for Dentists



18 Topics including:

For marketing opportunities or inquiry please contact:


Dr. Ross Cheesman
Dental Education Corporation
826 South 325 West
Orem, Utah 84058 USA
Phone: 801-224-3727
Fax: 801-434-9651


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