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Important Benefits of Our
Partnership Program

Benefits of Our Partnership Program:

Advanced Electronic Referral, real-time video or telephone Consultation and Diagnostic Services.  We often find that when an international patient seeks services in the United States, his or her disease has reach an advanced state, and very limited treatment options may be available.  Through our partnership programs, we will work closely with you in determining the most appropriate treatment plan for your patient and in preventing any dangerous time delays between initial diagnosis and effective medical care.   As early as a patient's first visit to you office, you can immediately contact UNMC/NHS specialists via video-conferencing, telephone or fax to discuss your initial diagnosis. To save precious time, CT-scans, X-rays and pathology slides can be sent for our review digitally, either on a real-time basis or prior to actual consultations.  While you will retain complete independence over our patient's treatment program, both the patient and you will have the comfort of knowing that your patient can benefit from the experience of our renowned specialists and the information on the latest treatment options available.  Our specialists will be available for consultation with you and your patient on an ongoing basis throughout the patient's course of treatment.  All this will be provided at our customary charges.   We also can arrange for patient visits t our facilities in Omaha when additional tests, evaluation and treatment are necessary.

Benefit from our Innovative Bone Marrow and other Transplantation Technology

We have been selected as one of "America's Best Hospitals" for cancer and rheumatology by the US News & World Report magazine.  The magazine also awarded UNMC/NHS a perfect 100 percent rating for its advanced medical technology.  Our international partner institutions, physicians and their patients are beneficiaries of our innovative medical and technological programs, rated among the very best in the U.S..  Our extensive programs make use of electronic and digital technology transfer systems to provide access from remote locations to our advanced health care education and medical technology.

Participation in Tele-Health and Tele-Education Programs

OIHS forms alliances with international institutions by providing tele-health programs to transmit medical information and images among locations via computer.

Our institutional and individual partners have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the latest medical, research, educational and economic benefits derived from developing tele-health programs with us.

Our program makes possible the exchange of real-time interactive diagnosis and electronic consultation for a wide variety of medical specialties.

Our technology allows specialists at UNMC/NHS to study patient reports and histories, pathology slides, X-rays and other radiological images digitally transmitted by our international partners.

UNMC/NHS is one of only a few U.S. medical institutions providing such extensive, high-tech services to physicians and medical institutions around the world.

The UNMC College of Medicine has developed creative tele-education programs that can be customized for our international partners.

Costs will vary depending on the programs selected.

Personalized Care for our Patients

With one call from our partner's referring physician, OIHS will assign a patient care coordinator to organize all aspects of your patient's visit t our facility.  We will arrange for:

Review of medical records.
Doctors appointments.
Updates to referring physicians.
Language interpretation.
International air ambulance.
Cost estimate, billing and payments.

Educational and Research Programs

UNMC/NHS will provide rewarding educational exchange programs for a limited number of qualified physicians and students from our international partners.  Our international programs present dynamic opportunities for global cooperative efforts in research.  Joint research activities can be arranged at our transplant and other research facilities.  Limited research programs can also take place at our renowned UNMC Eppley Cancer Center, a founding member of the prestigious  National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).

Joint Satellite Operations

UNMC/NHS will participate with our partners in establishing viable, joint satellite operations/clinics in selected countries on a need and resource basis. Carefully targeted joint operations can benefit from pooling mutual resources and enable patients to receive the best available care, on a timely basis, without having t leave their own countries.

Venues to Clinical Studies

When new procedures and equipment are developed by UNMC/NHS research teams, qualified strategic partners can participate with us in conducting clinical trials.


Upon satisfactory completion of a training program in Omaha, successful participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from UNMC/NHS.

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