JOBBANK Candidates CV/Resume Tips

The presentation of your CV/Resume is very crucial to ensuring an interview or an opportunity to getting your "foot" in the door.  The CV should be constructed as a marketing platform to sell yourself to the potential employer, since he/she will only spend minimal time skimming through the document.

Please review the following tips to increase your chances for obtaining the position you want. 

    CV/Resume Checklist 

  • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Length of your CV.  Is it too long or too short?  The ideal page length is a 1-2 page, up to 4 pages maximum.
  • Is your CV disorganized?  Make sure the person reading your CV is able to determine what your current position is and understand the progression of your career.
  • Does your CV contain unnecessary information such as too much personal information:  weight, health, etc. or irrelevant positions.

CV/Resume Formats

There are different formats or styles that can be used.  Choose a format that is going to be tailored for the position you are applying for or one that is appropriate for your career history. 

Here are a few formats that you can choose from:

      Chronological:  Work history is in chronological order with the last position listed first.  This is very useful for those job seekers who do not have gaps in employment, or changes in career.  It is advantageous to the user because it shows continuous work history related to your next job opportunity.

      Functional:  Highlights certain skills, achievements, and responsibilities that you have obtained.  This is good for those changing careers, or those with gaps in employment due to illness or unemployment. 

      Targeted:  This CV is one that is targeted for a specific job or vacancy.  It will focus on what you can do and your potential capabilities for the position.  This is very useful for a specific position. 

Final Note.

Your CV is a vital instrument in your pursuit of a position or career.  Keep in mind that the presentation and appearance of your CV indicates to the potential employer what type of person you may be in your working environment.









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