JOBBANK Candidates FAQ

Q.  Who will contact me if there is a position in the JOBBANK that I am interested in applying for?

A.  Since you have the opportunity to apply directly to the employer by accessing our JOBBANK postings, the employer will contact you directly if he/she is interested in arranging an interview.  In addition to the postings that you can review, you may also complete our Registration Form to have your CV/Resume posted in our Resume bank.  Employers will be able to review your qualifications and request your profile for contacting you directly for an interview or more information. 

Q.  How often do you update the JOBBANK?

A.  The JOBBANK is updated on a continual basis.  When a position is posted we include the date that it was posted.  We also have a special email alert that will notify you of any new postings.  You may select this special service on our Candidates Program page.

Q.  Who has access to my resume?

A.  Employers in the surrounding regions and internationally who are looking for qualified professionals.

Q.  How is my personal Sign Up information used?

A.  This information is only used for Employers who are members to review your employment profile.  We take steps to ensure the privacy of your information.

Q.  How do I apply for a job?

A.  Steps.

1.  Search the JOBBANK postings for positions that match your experience and qualifications. 

2.  When you find a job you want to apply for, submit your resume directly to the employer contact information listed in the posting.

Q.  If I see a job advertised can help me get an interview?

A.  No. will provide for our Candidates direct access to employers.  Once your resume has been submitted to the posting of your choice.  The employer will contact you directly to arrange for a potential interview.

You may utilize the Resource section of the JOBBANK and review our CV/Resume tips to give help you in preparing a CV/Resume that will aide you in “selling” yourself to get that interview.




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